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Fruchtig, Tarte

Karamellisierte Rhabarber-Blutorangen Tarte

23. May 2015

Letztens war Rhabarber in der Bio-Kiste. Mit Rhabarber hab ich ja nicht so viel Erfahrung bis jetzt. Den mochte irgendwer in meiner Familie nicht, deswegen gab es ihn nicht. Ganz einfach. Aber jetzt ist er da und jetzt muss er weg. Also dachte ich mir back ich mal was damit. Den klassischen “Rhabarber versinkt im Rührteig”-Kuchen wollte ich nicht. Käsekuchen mit Rhabarber ist jetzt auch nicht unbedingt das, was ich gleich mal ausprobieren muss. Weil Käsekuchen und ich, wir mögen uns zwar aber wir müssen uns noch ein bisschen kennenlernen. Den mochte jemand anderes in meiner Familie nicht. Also wurde es ne Tarte mit 28 cm Durchmesser. Mit Blutorange und Kardamom und mein Bunsenbrennerchen kam auch zum Einsatz.


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Fruchtig, Schokoladig, Tarte


7. December 2014

This recipe has a story. It’s a story of a deep and loving friendship. Let me explain you how all began. One day a pretty good friend of mine wrote me a story about a huge love. Here it is: “So, here the story goes of two most lovable out of which one is radioactive i.e banana and anna but anna didn’t mind,
little did know in the past that both would grow up to be in so much in love together that it will be quite a sight …well … u can say it would be like lights of 20 billion suns or jupiter, cut in two halves while perilous molten lava flies everywhere in this universe, i come to think of that this unflinching love in between anna and banana has sometime still made them feel separebale as thr is and “and” in between so, up they go and get the birthdate changed of mr banana from the tree he was born of course and then right after to NameOffice (not really sure if it exists but what the hell) they told the lady their happily living ever after love story and up she said : from here on i pronounce u ANNA BANANA

Actually that’s not the only love story out there. There is also the story of Sunny and Honey. It is pretty similar to the one of Anna and Banana. It just happened to be on the other side of the world. So as Sunny and Honey came to visit Anna and Banana they got to know each other. Flying around 7.000 km from the incredible India to little Traunstein gave them enough time to talk. Slowly they fell in love with each other and one day they decided to change their name into SUNNY HONEY.

So now you know the story of Anna Banana and Sunny Honey. This recipe is dedicated to my beloved friend Sunny Honey. I’ll bake it for you again, when we see each other again. Happy Birthday!

[Deutsches Rezept nach dem englischen Rezept]

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